The TRUMP CAMPAIGN just announced raising $18,000,000 in 2 days since the 1st Presidential Debate!  Democrats are coming unglued and desperate, as evidenced by shrill name calling and accusations of racism.  The “Real Racist” in this Presidential contest is Hillary Clinton, as evidenced by the way she (and her husband) ran against Barack Obama 8 years ago.

Tuesday’s TRUMP Rally in Florida drew 30,000 people!  Can you imagine that on a Tuesday?

TRUMP YARD SIGNS are disappearing in Chatham County and we have heard about 2 suspicious vehicles along US-80:  a Black SUV (no description of the driver) and a small Red Pickup Truck (driven by a dark haired female).  Removing the signs of Federal Candidates is wrong in several ways:  Tampering with a Federal Election, Interfering with the First Amendment, and simple Property Theft.  Don’t take any risks to your health or safety, but if you spot someone illegally removing TRUMP signs, please report them – especially if you get their TAG NUMBER.