Tonight’s “Presidential Debate #1” is expected to draw an historic crowd of more than 100,000,000 viewers.  Ardent Hillary supporters and Trump supporters share one common attribute:  they will remain steadfast with their respective candidates regardless of what happens at the debate.  A “Target Audience” of swing voters may be identified:  roughly 15 – 20 % of the electorate, including supporters of Gary Johnson or the Green Party Candidate.

Journalists and talking heads on network TV and cable shows are jousting on behalf of their personal favorites.  They inject their opinions of what each candidate must do in order to win tonight’s debate.  They talk about reduced expectations, fairness, unfairness, sexism, height and size differences, fact checking by moderators, name calling, … and on and on.  Sometimes its better to shut off the TV until show time – 9:00 PM.

As Election Day draws near, support for Gary Johnson and the Green Party Candidate will dwindle because their Voters realize the Hopelessness of their candidacies.   Protest Votes are wasted opportunities.   U.S. Voters historically trend toward Reality:  the only Votes that Matter are cast for one of the 2 major candidates.

IF  YOU  LOVE  YOUR  COUNTRY,  VOTE  FOR  THE  BEST  CONSERVATIVE  CANDIDATE  ON  THE  BALLOT.  That is the only rational course of action.