Election Countdown 47:


D.C. Non-Profit Targets Unregistered Chatham Voters” — September 18, 2016 article by Kelly Quimby in Savannah Morning News.  This article describes the efforts of a non-profit to identify and register 25,000  previously unregistered voters in Chatham County who belong to 3 identifiable groups:  people of color, millenials, and single women.  (Note:  Historically, voters from these 3 groups have tended to vote for Democrats.)  You can find the whole article on-line at:


Excerpts about Voter Participation Center (VPC) from the above article —

“Interim Director of Voter Registration Sabrina German said she’s heard that as many as 25,000 Chatham County residents will receive a form from the agency, which uses the Georgia Secretary of State’s master voter registration list, along with other commercial databases to locate unregistered voters.”

“The goal, according to a statement from VPC President Page Gardner, is to reach the demographics most underrepresented on Election Day — people of color, millenials, and single women.”

“But some of these registration forms have and will miss their mark.  Already in Chatham County, mailers have reportedly been sent to the wrong addresses.  And representatives of the Georgia Secretary of State’s office have gotten complaints about other issues — including mailers sent to someone who has died.”

“…the Secretary of State’s office was recently informed that some 500,000 forms would be mailed to Georgian’s this year.”

You can read more about the Voter Participation Center from their own website at:


From their website section on “Mobilization and turnout”:

“As new social technologies overwhelm the American Public, mail is the only medium that still reaches just about everyone.”

To learn more in general about Voter Registration and Participation you may check Wikipedia: