TERROR WATCH:   Multiple Terrorist attacks on our HOMELAND this weekend dominated Monday’s headlines and gave American Voters even more reasons to support REAL CHANGE in Washington.  No one has a right to immigrate to the U.S.A.  ISIS has declared war on the United States, a fact that our President and Hillary Clinton refuse to take seriously.  The U.S. Government has the responsibility to manage immigration and permit only immigrants who do not pose a dangerous threat to us and who have a reasonable likelihood of becoming successful, self-supporting citizens.  That means we need and we deserve — “Extreme Vetting” of every person coming from a war torn area such as Syria.  We must create screening methods that work!  Only Donald Trump is talking about extreme vetting.

Seaside Park, NJ:  Saturday:  A bomb exploded in a plastic garbage bin just moments before thousands of runners were scheduled to start the “Seaside Semper Five” Marine Corps 5K Charity Run.  No injuries were reported, probably because the start of the race was delayed due to registration problems.  Investigators subsequently found near the boardwalk that 3 pipe bomb devices were wired together but only one exploded.

St. Cloud, Minnesota:  Saturday evening:  A man dressed as a security guard entered Crossroads Center Mall, asked shoppers if they were Muslims, made references to “Allah”and injured nine innocent people with a knife.  Off duty police officer Jason Falconer shot and killed the attacker.  The terrorist has been identified as a Somali-American.

West Manhattan, NYC, NY:  Saturday evening:  About 8:30 PM a bomb exploded in a crowded Chelsea neighborhood (West 23rd Street), injuring 29 people.  A second device was found unexploded 4 blocks away on West 27th Street.  It was removed by police.

Linden, NJ:  Monday morning between 10:30 & 11:00 AM:  Ahmad Khan Rahami, a suspect in the NY and NY bombings, was shot during and arrested after a gun battle with police.  Rahami is a 28 year old naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Afghanistan and was living in Elizabeth, NJ.  Two officers were shot but are expected to be OK.  Police suspect he was responsible or connected to a backpack full of pipe bombs found late Sunday in Elizabeth, NJ.