WIKILEAKS:  Wikileaks has exposed the corruption, coordination, and collusion that exists at the National and International levels of politics.  Wikileaks has exposed the communication of surrogates and there are videos of Democrats explaining how they can arrange for millions of people to vote in a state that is not their home state.  Is that not frightening and disgusting?  As for Mass Media fairness, 96% of journalists’ donations have gone to Democrats this year.

VOTE WATCH:  How can anyone legitimately argue against Photo ID voting laws?  Our society requires Photo ID’s for almost everything else in order to Prevent Fraud.  Yet, Democrats continually argue against Photo ID’s for voting.  The obvious answer is they don’t want to prevent Voter Fraud!!!

The 3rd & final Presidential Debate is scheduled for tonight.  Chris Wallace from Fox News is the moderator and this Debate has the potential to be the fairest of them all.