Elections are a dirty business, especially this year.  Hillary’s political machine and her Mainstream Media are desperate to take your attention off what “really matters.”  Hillary cannot win if your focus stays on Policy Issues.

BEFORE VOTING ask yourself one Practical Question:  WILL MY FAMILY AND I BE BETTER OFF IN 4 YEARS?

Seven Key Policy Issues:

  • Immigration Control – affects National Security, Personal Safety & Jobs
  • Supreme Court Appointments – affects Everything
  • 2nd Amendment – affects your ability to Protect yourself and your family
  • International Trade Agreements – affects Economy & Jobs
  • Restoring Your Trust in Federal Agencies – the FBI, Justice Department, Veterans Administration, IRS
  • Tax Policy – affects Economy & Jobs
  • Healthcare – higher Premiums and Deductibles; Doctors rejecting Obamacare cards; affect on Small Businesses