Election Countdown – Zero + 1


We, “the Deplorables”, are “Stronger Together” and thanks to all of your efforts, we proved that on Election Day.  This is a time to rejoice and reflect.  Now that Republicans have the White House and both houses of Congress, its time to use that power for good and to solve many of America’s real problems affecting real people.  Democrats are now going through the 5 stages of grief, and we need to be prepared — their anger is going to be unleashed in the media and their criticism will be relentless for the next 4 years.  WE  MUST  NOT  REMAIN  SILENT  IN  THE  FACE  OF  THEIR  CRITICISM!

72 Days until Inauguration – January 20, 2017 (Friday) – NOON:  The nation’s 45th President will be sworn in on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.  The Day traditionally opens with Worship and ends with Dancing.