Chatham County Republican Commitments

Chatham County Republican Party’s activities on behalf of the Republican Party are grassroots efforts committed to advancing the ideals and legacy of our party.

We must work on our important goals including winning the war on terrorism; protecting our homeland; creating jobs and economic growth; providing a quality education for every child; modernizing Medicare and providing real choices to seniors; promoting energy independence and improving our environment by investing in technology to make our automobiles cleaner and more efficient; and supporting faith-based and community groups in their activities to help those in need. We need reach out into our local communities and beyond to accomplish our goals and create a brighter future for all Americans.

Our Goals

Increase conservative awareness and grow our County Party Membership with improved communications, events, and outreach to other Republican Clubs and conservatives in the community. Help them understand our beliefs and conservative Values.

Recruit, assist, and support Republicans running for National, State, and Local Offices.

Give the Chatham County Republican Party a voice in the City, County, District, and State by creating relationships and dialog with local officials, and attend meetings and events representing the Chatham County Republican Party in our community.

Our Beliefs

Chatham County Republican Party Executive Committee’s job is to increase our membership to increase support for our Conservative Values.

  • Good government is based upon the individual, and each person’s ability, dignity and freedom must be respected.
  • The proper function of government is to do for the people only those things that cannot be done by individuals.
  • When government must act, it should so do at the level closest to those whose needs it addresses.
  • The free enterprise system has given this nation a way of life second to none.
  • Government taxation and regulation should be held in check.
  • Government waste and overspending must be eliminated.
  • The US Congress must reduce the national debt.
  • Job creation should be encouraged through economic policy that stimulates the private sector.
  • The cost of federal and state mandates may not be passed on to the local level.
  • The genius of our American system stems from the Constitution.